Connecting spaces, community and creativity

The aim of this project is to creatively awaken community interest in our public and private spaces and create discussion on connectedness through the installation of art in public and private places that are accessible by the community.

What is unFramed?

A curated ‘art in public place exhibition’ with site specific installations of artwork through the laneways and buildings connecting Jack Morgan Park to David Low Way at Coolum Beach. Pedestrian areas can make art activity more accessible with the existence of visual aesthetics allowing the quality of the space to increase, creating participation and interaction whilst broadening the limits of art.

(This is not a ‘mural’ project but a contemporary public art project, exploring the use of outdoor areas and artistic practice)

After an initial artist callout (open to all contemporary artists), 5 chosen artists will be invited to create a contemporary artwork that responds to the space (these may vary from 3‐dimensional, projection, ephemeral, 2‐dimensional and/or installation, sound installation, green sustainable installation/artwork, film, dance). It is anticipated that there will be both local and statewide artist involved in the initial project for 2015 (80% local artists). The project directors will work closely with the artists and landlords to best connect the artwork with the space.

When will it happen?

The first un-framed project was exhibited in late September 2015.

The 2016 project will kick off on 10 September 2016.

Where will it happen?

Several locations in the laneways and buildings around Coolum Beach.
We have been in negotiations with landlords since November 2014. We will liaise with the landlords and the artists to curate the work to be best placed within the proposed locations.

Why is it needed?

• Provide both emerging and established artists with an outdoor space to make work
• Contribute to a vibrant, creative and innovative environment
• Growing creativity and building connections
• Connecting business, creativity and community
• Engaging community involvement
• Building a sense of identity and place
• The project will contribute to re‐valuing ‘the public good’ and appreciating our public spaces through innovation and strong community partnerships.
• Showcasing our talent to a local and visiting audience to many interstate visitors holidaying in Coolum during the September holidays.
• There is nothing like this happening on the coast and it is needed

Check out the 2015 official video for more details on this great work!

UnFramed Official 2015 from Coolum P&C on Vimeo.

UnFramed offical 6min doco by Artisan studios including Coolum High Laneways & interviews about the project

Want to see more details on the amazing 2015 artists?

2015 Artist Bios